Balance Weave Conveyor Belt

Balanced weave conveyor belts are the most versatile and widely used metal conveyor belts, thanks to their characteristics of true travel, good flexibility, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, flat surface and minimal maintenance. These belts are typically friction driven and are popular for conveying a variety of products, particularly those that are small or need a lot of support. Food processing balanced weave belts are typically used in product transfer and in baking applications. Balanced weave conveyor belting can also be used in industrial product processing, transfer and packaging applications.

QINGHE produces an almost limitless variety of precision-manufactured balanced weave conveyor belts. These belts are typically constructed with alternating right and left hand spirals joined by a crimped connector. Balanced weave wire mesh belts are also available utilizing double balanced construction, which is an assembly of pairs of right and left hand spirals properly spaced by crimped connectors. Stainless steel or a variety of other metals may be specified. QINGHE Balanced Weave Belts Conveyor Belts provide true travel, uniform conveying surface, and resistance to distortion.

Balance Weave wire mesh conveyor belts install easily with simple maintenance. Damaged sections of the belt are easily replaced by the end user, which allows for less downtime. 

There are mainly four different types of balanced weave conveyor belt:

Balanced Weave Rod Reinforced Balanced
Balanced Weave Precision Balanced
Balanced Weave Improved Balanced
Balanced Weave Double Balanced


High Carbon Plain Steel, Gal. Steel
Stainless Steels AISI 304, 304L
Stainless Steels AISI 316, 316L
Stainless Steels AISI 310
Stainless Steels AISI 430


True Travel
Good Flexibility
Excellent Strength-to-weight Ratio
Flat Surface
Minimal Maintenance

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